HELP! Computer Services

I've been called a lot of things in my life, but mostly people call me "The Computer Lady".

It's true...What can I say...I'm a computer geek! 

I love technology.
I love learning.
I love training.
I love fixing things.
I love cleaning up the computer and accounting messes that other people make.

...and I'm very good at it (pardon the self promotion). 

I take the stress out of accounting and computers and put the FUN back in!

Erika’s Testimonials

Contact Testimonial
Adriana Corapi
Park Lane (Bayview) Homes Inc
"Erika is a detailed oriented person, very personable, great to work with and learn from."
Adrien Larouche
D.C. Computers
We found Erika easy to talk to and very understanding of our needs to help us get our business software up and running, this saved us a lot of time and money.  Her training of our staff made it easy for us to adopt our new system.  We are  now doing more than we ever did before.
Debbie Davis
Compliance Advisor
"Erika is exceptional at QuickBooks. She understands how the program works and when working with me, ensured that I was provided the easiest, most effective learnings in order to accomplish my objectives. She was even more brilliant than the QuickBooks Tech Support Team, who told me that I needed to upgrade to a newer version ($$$) but Erika was able to quickly identify the issue and rectify the problem at no cost to me. I would highly recommend Erika for QuickBooks support and bookkeeping services."
“Erika is very knowledgeable, thorough and patient. I went to her with little understanding of QuickBooks. I had been doing everything in Excel.  She has been helpful in setting up QuickBooks for us and in straightening out transactions by teaching me along the way in order for me to become more efficient in my work. I would recommend Erika for all your computer needs.”
Martin Orsini, Principal
Swansea Computer Specialists Corp.
“Erika, I want to thank you … you set up an amazing QuickBooks system for me. You looked at how I have done my accounting, over a period of 15+ years and also the requirements of my accountant, who prepare my tax return … and built the “perfect” system. This system allows me to use my conventions, in a QuickBooks framework, and deliver accounting information in my accountant’s format.

Amazingly, I can prepare my month/year ends, HST submissions on my own ! After only a few months of use.

Thank you. Job well done!”

Janice Figov
Erika has over 25+ years of QuickBooks experience.  She is highly proficient with every aspect of QuickBooks and her in-depth knowledge of the “inner workings” of QuickBooks amazes me.  If I am stumped with an issue in QuickBooks, Erika is the first person I call, not QuickBooks technical support.

I work closely with Erika if I have clients who need integration with QuickBooks desktop.  One of the projects we worked on together was a client who owned a clothing store and we needed to integrate a POS system with QBDT as Intuit Canada does still not have a POS system for the QBDT version.   Another client was looking to move from a UNIX system to QBDT.

I highly recommend Erika if you need:

- Setting up QuickBooks the right way
- Integrating QuickBooks with other software
- Customization of QB reports
- Fixing problems from someone that worked in QuickBooks
- Setting up items and job costing
- Payroll

Marion Primeau Thank you, dear Erika. There is only one you! Not only are you the most amazing person, but when it comes to logic on money and keeping record continue to amaze me. You have a beautiful soul that is such a pleasure to be around. Thank you for your loyalty over the years. It is truly appreciated.
Irma C

Harling Plating

It was a pleasure working with you remotely. I learned more of what can be done with my books and how simple it is once you learn and do it (with your help, of course!). Your knowledge is greatly appreciated and I will definitely enlist your help in the future.”